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New Coldplay song: short analysis of brand promotion

Coldplay are finally back with a new song called every teardrop is a waterfall! It “will be available digitally on Friday 3rd June at 12pm (BST), except in the UK where it’ll come out on the stroke of midnight between Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June”(coldplay.com).

The band has been involved in raising awareness around the single’s release cleverly using social networking (Twitter and Facebook). For a week now, they have been teasing fans with short video clips and lyrics without really revealing much. Fans all over the world have instantly risen their interest around the Coldplay brand and started to become involved with all the rumours around what’s happening.

I believe they did well on using social networking to promote their new song because this is a direct, contemporary and cost-effective way to be connected with their audience all around the world. Especially if a major part of their audience consists of young people who are already familiar with this type of new media promotion. Teasing them started the discussion and raised huge anticipation, and when the news were finally revealed, people were already excitedly connected with the brand.

This is the artwork for the upcoming Coldplay single

In my opinion, the single’s artwork is brilliantly designed. The choice of using graffiti artwork might be referring to their well-known creative process -complemented by one of the most innovative musicians/producers, Brian Eno- and communicating their variety of music experimentation by using colourful background. Another reason for this choice might be the band’s great appeal in teenagers and young people in general, because these people respond better to signifiers like bright colours and expressive styles like graffiti. Type is also contemporary and uniquely designed to match with the imagery. This visual style is consistently used in the teasers too in order to prepare the audience ‘visually’ for the single’s release.

In conclusion, the overall communication is well planed and executed -in my opinion- and I think that the Coldplay brand has clearly benefited from this. Let’s see what happens on the release of their long-awaited fifth album in a few months.